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Abigail 1702
Aurora Theatre


Directed: Justin Anderson

Scenic Design: Isabel and Moriah Curley-Clay

Lighting Design: Ben Rawson

Costume Design: Cathleen O'Neal

Sound Design: Marc Gwinn

Photos by Chris Bartelski & Ben Rawson


2017 - 2018 Suzi Award Nomination: Outstanding Lighting Design - Play

"The forest-based set and haunting pre-show sound effects communicate a sinister tone even before the play begins. Ben Rawson's lighting design perpetuates this, adding an extra dose of creepy in every scene with its subtle transitions as well as unexpected flashes of light at tense moments. In particular, shadows created by footlights likewise enhance the terrifying flashbacks"
Sally Henry -  BroadwayWorld

"The air is frequently thick with ominous mist and fog, the show is starkly lit (by Ben Rawson)"
Bert Osborne -  The Atlanta Journal Consitution

"Isabel and Moriah Curley-Clay’s set, Marc Gwinn’s sound, and Ben Rawson’s lighting all add immeasurably to the moody ambience"
Manning Harris  - INtown Atlanta

"Shadowy moonlight and candlelight dominate the marvelous lighting design of Ben Rawson"
Brad Rudy - Atlanta Theatre Buzz

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