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Marley Was Dead To Begin With
Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre


Choreographed: Heath Gill

Scenic Design: Ben Rawson & Heath Gill

Lighting Design: Ben Rawson

Costume Design: Tamara Cobus

Photos by Felipe Barral & Christina Massad

"The images emerge from darkness and then fade into black as she adjusts to her new role as ghost. The lighting here and throughout is stark, chiaroscuro, painting the space in red and black."

"Ben Rawson’s lighting design not only sets the tone, but sculpts the space in multiple creative ways."

Gillian Anne Renault - ARTS ATL 2021

 "not only a high water mark for Terminus as a company, it was the best dance production of 2020 in Atlanta"

Scott Freeman & Cynthia Perry - ARTS ATL 2020

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