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An Iliad
Theatrical Outfit


Directed: Matt Torney

Scenic Design: Lizz Horvath

Lighting Design: Ben Rawson

Costume Design: Alan Yeong

Sound Design: Rashaad Pierre & Mikaela Fraser


Photos by Casey Gardner Ford

"Torney receives another especially atmospheric assist from lighting designer Ben Rawson in intricately transitioning from one moment to the next during Osorio’s ongoing oration. When, on occasions, the actor places Achilles’ helmet atop a floor lamp like some kind of a shade, note how Torney and Rawson cast shadows of the figure against the tattered white fabric along the back wall of the stage. Talk about a “ghost light”: the effect is at once haunting and stunning."

Bert Osbourne - Atlanta Journal Constitution 

"A single ghost light gives the room a haunting vibe - as if it were a reverent place and I should pray and give thanks before leaving. The lighting and soundscape plays like rabbits across the stage - occasionally popping up and bounding through the story to help tell it or hiding away, leaving Osorio to sink or swim himself. I saw the stage flood with a blood-red so dark that for a moment I knew Achilles' rage as it devoured without mercy."

Ella Embry -  Broadway World

"Osorio transforms Patroclus from a meek, amiable sidekick to someone committing massacre on a battlefield, wielding the might of a god. The stage lights around him reflect this"

Benjamin Carr - ARTS ATL

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