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War Paint
The Atlanta Lyric Theatre


Directed: Susan Reid

Scenic Design: Stephanie Polhemus

Lighting Design: Ben Rawson

Costume Design: Daniel Barr

Sound Design: Chris Lane

Wig Design: George Deavours

Musical Direction: Bethany Irby


Photos by Cayce Callaway Photography

"Ben Rawson's gorgeous lighting design and Polhemus's set are most notably showcased in a number entitled "If I'd Been a Man" where the two principal actors sing about their parallel struggles to be women in a man's world while a male actor with a briefcase and bowler hat, totally in silhouette, moves in slow motion back and forth across the upstage wall. That number alone is worth the price of admission."

"The upstage wall is flanked by art-deco iron grating adorned with lipstick tubes and compacts. Light shines through the grating, sometimes blue, sometimes pink, helping the audience to place themselves within the separate, minimally-rendered worlds of Rubenstein and Arden"

"a display of pure bravura"

Amy Zipperer - Broadway World

"This is an intensely well-produced show, with Stephanie Polhemus’ art-Deco-inspired set spanning every inch of the Jennie T. Anderson Theatre, with Ben Rawson’s lights personalizing the worlds of the two women (Sky Blue for Rubinstein, and Signature Pink for Arden), with Daniel Barr’s costumes elegantly keeping us cued into the passage of time"

Brad Rudy - Atlanta Theatre Buzz

"Worth noting, too, are Daniel Barr’s costumes, Ben Rawson’s lighting, Lauren Brooke Tatum’s choreography and Stephanie Polhemus’ Manhattan set, which is largely used to divide the stage into an Arden side and a Rubinstein side, demonstrating their separate but parallel lives"

Jim Farmer - ARTS ATL

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