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The Aurora Theatre


Directed: Ricardo Aponte

Scenic Design: Kat Conley

Lighting Design: Ben Rawson

Costume Design: Alan Yeong

Sound Design: Jeremiah Davison

Musical Direction: Ann Carol Pence


2021 - 2022 Suzi Award Nomination: Outstanding Lighting Design - Musical

"All the technical aspects dazzled and filled the stage with light and magic.  Sets by Kat Conley with their story-book sketch motifs, lights by Ben Rawson with their story-book color and perfectly timed cuing, costumes by Alan Yeong with their quick-change transformative magic, properties by Ryan Bradburn with their exaggerated story-book simplicity, and whoever designed and executed the over-sized giant and dragon puppets."

Brad Rudy -
Atlanta Theatre Buzz

Photos by Casey Gardner Ford

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