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Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre


Choreographed: Danielle Agami

Lighting Design: Ben Rawson

Costume Design: Tamara Cobus

Photos by Brian Wallenberg, Darvensky Louis, Christina Massad


"Ben Rawson’s lighting took advantage of the theater’s technical capabilities with striking and fitting changes of color, atmosphere and shape — from the stark, black-and-white beginning to intimate spaces created by angles on stage, to side light coloring dancers’ bodies to highlight the work’s most interesting pure-movement sections."

"In a solo, John Welker, veteran of just about every principal role in the classical repertoire, showed himself in a new light. Poised on the floor in an angle shaped by Rawson’s light, Welker sat, legs in front of the body, as if in an unguarded moment in the studio."

Cynthia Bond Perry - ARTS ATL

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